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5030-6 390KV

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  • Intro:    Motors for multirotors
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Product Introduction

265030  5030-6 390KV Multirotor motors 

          For 4.5kg quad-rotor, 6.5kg hex-rotor, 8.8kg oct-rotor

          Stator size 4315, Rotor size 5015

Specifications Typical Application Performance Chart

KV: 390RPM/V
Maximum Power: 756W(15sec)
Continuous Power: 420W
Stator Poles/magnets: 24S/28P
Stator diameter and height: 4315
Shaft Diameter: 4mm(6mm internal)
Motor diameter: 49mm
Motor Length: 29.5mm

Motor net weight: 150gram
Motor mount holes:M3x25mm
Prop mount holes:M3x12mm
No load current(@ 10V): 1.0A

ESC: 40A
Application: 6S 15x5.5prop - 16x5.5prop

Dimensional Drawing

Propeller Mount. There are 1pcs M6 traditional propeller mount, and 1pcs flat propeller mount as following picture

Propeller Tested Data

Propeller Battery Current (A) Power(W)    Thrust (g)
14x5.5" 6S 22.6 493.4 2520
15x5.5" 6S 28.2 613.1 2980
16x5.5" 6S 34.4 746.5 3450

Applications Performacne Charts
6S Lipo, 14x5.5" Prop, 30A ESC
6S Lipo, 15x5.5" Prop 30A ESC

6S Lipo, 16x5.5" Prop 40A ESC


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