AG22 Flight controller for Airplanes

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  • Item No.:    102201, 102202
  • Intro:    supports single aileron, dual aileron, V-tail, flying wing, and etc. Support autolevel mode, gyro on mode, and gyro off mode.
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Product Introduction

102201 AG22, flight controller for Airplanes

AG22 flight control is a precision designed specifically for fixed-wing flight controllers. It allows beginners to get started quickly, and the experts to make more professional flight. AG22 can increase aircraft stability and maneuverability. It can be set by computer GUI program and FC53 multi function field card.  
Product Features 
1 Using the gyro axis digital sensor; 
2 Humanized design, debug menu PC interface, intuitive and accurate digitization. 
3 Three modes can be switched, autolevel mode, gyro on mode, and gyro off mode. 
4 Mini design, supports single aileron, dual aileron, V-tail, flying wing, and other models. 

Connection diagram with the receivers

Connnect wires

There are three sets of connection wires to connect the controller to the receiver, and one set of wires to connect the controller to the computor for settings.

Setting with computer

The USB Link need to install the driver software. Please click the following button to download the driver for Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

Setting with FC53 multi function program card

Technical Parameters 
Size: 32x24x16mm
Weight: 8gram
Operating voltage: DC 5v-6v 
Remote control compatibility: PPM, PCM, 2.4G, and SBUS
Working temperature: -20 ℃ - 65 ℃

Item No. Products
102201 AG22 Flight Controller for Airplanes + USB Link
102202 AG22 Flight Controller for Airplanes + USB Link + FC53 Program Card 


AG22 gyro on mode, flying the airplane upside down. 


AG22 V1.2         Mar 16th, 2015     

AG22 V1.1         Jan 8th, 2015     

                           Support FC53 field card

                           Make angular rate constrain to be self adaptive. 

AG22 V1.0         May 8th, 2014

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