Alpha 32+ (NAZE 32) V5.0

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  • Item No.:    103201, 103202
  • Intro:    NAZE 32 and ​Acro NAZE​ V5.0 flight controllers.
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Product Introduction

103201 Alpha 32 + (NAZE 32) V5.0, 

103202 Alpha Arco 32 (Acro NAZE) V5.0

Configuration Tool: 

Baseflight Configurator


  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Built-in FrSky telemetry converter
  • Modern 32-bit processor (STM32 F103) running at 3.3V/72MHz.
  • Onboard USB for setup and configuration
  • Extra bright LEDs
  • Modern GUI for all operating systems


  • Height: 36mm
  • Width: 36mm
  • Weight: 6 grams (no headers, 8 grams with)
  • Sensors: MPU6050, barometer, magnetometer. 
  • Headers: Includes 1x 3x6 90 degree pin headers, 1x 1x2 straight pin headers, 1x 2x3 90 degree pin headers, and 1x 2x5 straight pin headers.

Naze32, Acro Naze, SP Racing F3 Acro, and SP Racing F3 Deluxe mount holes are fully compatible with each other. 

NAZE 32 and Acro NAZE V5.0 flight controllers.

103201 Alpha 32 + (NAZE 32) V5.0

With barometer, magnetometer, gyro and accelerometer.

103202 Alpha Arco 32 (Acro NAZE) V5.0

no barometer or magnetometer. Only gyro and accelerometer.

Wires and Pins

Packing box



Naze 32 & SP Racing F3 Mounting poles, screws and nuts 4 pcs each

M3-10mm Nylon screw 4pcs, 
M3 Nylon nuts 4pcs, 
M3.2 Nylon poles 3mm height 4pcs

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