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GB5010 Gimbal motors

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  • Item No.:    255010
  • Intro:    outer diameter 49mm, length 24mm, max torque
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Product Introduction

GB5010 Gimbal motors


1. Totally enclosed structure.

2. Hollow shaft design, support slip ring. The slip ring is an optional part.

3. Easy motor wires plug.

4. Can spport Canon 5D application.

5. Smooth and powerful working.  

Motor connection wires

Specification Datasheet

Items GB50-10 GB50-15 8008GB
Net Weight 120g 155g 348g
Dimension[D x L] 49x24mm 49x29mm 89x22.5mm
Slots & poles 24N28P 24N28P 24N22P-120T
Max nominal voltage 12V/18V/26V 12V/18V/26V 26V
Top side mounting holes M4x25/30mm M4x25/30mm M3*30/35mm
Bottom side mounting holes M4x30mm M4x30mm M3*40/35mm
Max torque 2.6/2.8/3.2

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