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AG22 Flight Control for Airplane is new released

2014/5/27      view:

AG22 Flight Control for Airplane is new released.

We are pleased to introduce you the new prodoct for aiplane flight controller AG22, which make flying airplane easy for the beginner and experts. 

AG22 is an easy to use flight controllers which is designed for fixed-wing hobbyist. It can detect and compensate for labile factor of the aircraft during flight to make the flight more stable. There is autolevel mode for self-stabilizing the flying for beginners, which simplifies the flight difficulty, releases the beginner’s tensions during flight, and improves the flight skill quickly.

       Product Features 

compact size, lightweight design, can be installed in a very limited space.

32-bit ARM processor, powerful computing capability.

High-precision 3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer miniature MEMS sensors.

Support SBUS receiver, simplifying the cables.

Independent R & D of the attitude algorithms and control algorithms, excellent performance.

l  Support autolevel mode, gyro on mode, and gyro off 3 modes, make it for both beginner and expert pilot.

Support the general layout wing, flying wing, v-tail and other aircraft types.

Support dual aileron aircraft flap aileron mixing function.

Use a separate input channel to select the flight mode or turn off the flight controller.

Simple to use, the user can simply set and fly.

PC client software provides a rich set of parameters for high-end users.